I write my own story

Ciao! šŸ™‚ Here I am with the new outfit post. All the photos were shot by Stefan Kokovic in September when the weather was still sunny and summer-like. Whoever follows me on Instagram might have already seen some of the pictures, but here you can find all the photos together. White tee and black skinny


I visited Oslo exactly a year ago. My best friend NikolaĀ moved there for studies and I came up with the idea to go there for a weekend. I booked my last minute flight and got to Oslo. I must say that I was lucky with the weather, because in October it can be already very

Casually elegant

This is definitely one of my favorite casually elegant outfits, perfect for spring and early fall. I really like matching red and white. These pants from Zara were one of my absolute spring/summer favorites. A bow tieĀ isĀ a great alternative to a tie (Personally, I prefer bow ties). I used to wear itĀ on my wristĀ as well,