Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana

Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana

Ciao! 🙂

How are you doing? It’s pretty cold in Milan these days and it’s definitely time to find some fun indoors. That’s why I decided to visit the new exhibition at The Triennale museum Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana and I absolutely loved it. The exhibition is dedicated to Elio Fiorucci, the Italian fashion designer and founder of the brand Fiorucci that decieved in July this year.


Italian fashion is evolving continuously and new brands and designers are emerging from season to season. Some of them have started just a couple of years ago and now they are already internationally known. The exhibition captures the last 20 years of Italian fashion through pret-Ă -porter, streetwear, shoes, bags and other accessories.



Some of the most important magazines that have emerged during last years are also exhibited. The role of new media and the digitalization of fashion is also a very important part of this exhibition. Fashion bloggers and online magazines have changed the perception of fashion and have become the most common source of information.



I highly recommend you to visit the exhibition. it’s open until March 6th, so there’s enough time. I discovered some new names at the Italian fashion scene and I saw some pieces from fashion designers I already know but that I have never seen before. I enjoyed playing kind of game where I was trying to guess a designer myself and in almost every situation I was right, because some brands already have their own recognizable style.

Waiting to hear your impressions,