Mornings at Duomo

Mornings at Duomo

Waking up early becomes much easier when the weather is good and when it finally starts to feel warmer. That’s why I often like to shoot early. The look you’ll see in this post has been shot at 8 AM in Piazza Duomo. The square starts being already busy at that time since many people pass by on their way to the office but it still keeps the calm vibe compared to the other times.

I opted for a total navy look (almost). I like wearing navy in spring and summer because it reminds me a lot of summer time and marine vibes. Here, I was wearing the striped trousers paired with a v/neck sweater. I added a cool red bandana in order to refresh the look.

When it comes to the accessories, I was wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Oxfords, maybe one of my favorite items from their Spring-Summer 2017 collection. The sunglasses are from Kapten&Son.

Versace collection sweater, Asos trousers, Zara bandana, Kapten and Son sunglasses, Christian Louboutin shoes

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