Le Negresco: a luxury stay in Nice

Le Negresco: a luxury stay in Nice

When it comes to France, I’m very selective and I have my favorite two destinations: Paris of course and Côte d’Azur. As you have already seen on my Instagram, last month I was in Nice and Cannes. Nice is the city that brings a lot of memories to me because I spent  3 unforgettable weeks studying French and making new international friends a couple of years ago. But, this time, I saw Nice from a completely different perspective, thanks the amazing stay at Hotel Le Negresco.

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Before coming to Le Negresco I already knew a bit of history. I knew which famous names were the ones that stayed there, for example Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf to mention a few. Beside that, I actually got impressed by the artistic value of the hotel. Madame Augier, the owner of the hotel, is a big admirer of arts. She has an incredible collection of works of art all around the hotel, dating from the times of Louis XIII to nowadays. Walking around the lobby and halls of the hotel seems like being at the museum with all the beautiful paintings, sculptures, installations.

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The architecture and design might be a bit unexpected. I absolutely adored the way modern art is present in a very classical interior. I would say that the concept of uniqueness is very dominant at the hotel. Every room is unique, made in a different style, with many different pieces of furniture. The excellence of Le Negresco has been certified by Leading Hotels of the World membership and Living Heritage Company one, which means that the hotel is considered one of the places where the French know-how and heritage have been performed at its very best. A constant innovation, but also the loyalty to the past practices has led this hotel to be what it is today: unique. The new Rivoli aisle of the hotel has been inaugurated last year with the completely renovated rooms.

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Let me tell you more about our room that was absolutely special in many different ways. The first one was the fact that we were the very first guests in this recently renovated room. Le Negresco offers a luxury experience no matter which room you choose, but being able to stay in the room as very first guests was also an honor. The room we stayed in was a deluxe sea view room. The view on the iconic Promenade des Anglais and the azur blue sea was incredible at any time of the day.. The bathroom was spacious and had all the amenities including the bathtub. In the morning we ordered a breakfast in room and that’s something I would definitely recommend. It was priceless.

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When it comes to dining, we had the chance to experience Brasserie La Rotonde as well, one of the restaurants located at Le Negresco. We had lunch on the terrace since it was sunny and pleasant outside, even though the interior of La Rotonde is very particular and fun. It’s where the breakfast is served every morning and where you can have an easy lunch or an aperitif in the afternoon. I had fish and chips as a main course, a glass of perfect Rosé and a chocolate cake with ice-cream as a dessert. The focus is on sea food and local dishes but not only, since many meat dishes and international cuisine are available.

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I’m not sure which would be the right word to describe the entire stay… A dream come true? Fairy tale? Movie set? Five star luxury experience? I literally can’t decide because it was a bit of everything mentioned above but one’s sure, my experience in Nice is now complete.

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