The Hotel Brussels

The Hotel Brussels

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As you have already seen on my Instagram, last weekend I went to Brussels. I have never been there before and it was on my bucket list for a while. A week after, when I think of my overall experience there I can say that I definitely loved the city and had a great time there. It’s my absolute recommendation for those who are wondering where to spend a weekend.            

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One of the reasons why my stay in Brussels was that amazing is definitely because of The Hotel where I spent two unforgettable days. Many things make this hotel particular. The first one is because it’s a skyscraper where actually every room offers an amazing view of Brussels.

I stayed at their deluxe panorama  room located on the 24th floor at the corner that lets you enjoy different sides of Brussels. I’m obsessed with tall buildings and wherever I travel I’m looking for a rooftop bar or any bar located on higher floors in order to enjoy the view of the city. In Brussels I didn’t have to look for rooftops because I had the amazing view from my bed.

The other thing about The Hotel that attracted me so much is their attention to fashion. When I arrived to the room, I found two fashion books and the latest issue of Elle Belgium. Then I went to Panorama Lounge located on the 24th floor, next to my room where you can enjoy a fabulous view and some snacks, sweets, coffee, wine and Belgium beer and of course, more fashion books about all designers. This place is perfect to work at as I did since I always have some work to get done even when traveling. Fashion is not only at The Hotel, it’s also outside of the hotel because Boulevard de Waterloo is Brussels’ high end fashion street.

Panorama Lounge was not the only place where you can enjoy the view and relax. There’s also a spa with sauna, steam room, gym and variety of spa treatments that can be done.

I think photos explain much better my entire experience, so have a look at them and let me know what you think.

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