PAL ZILERI FW17: between sartorial tradition and innovation

PAL ZILERI FW17: between sartorial tradition and innovation

Pal Zileri choses Rotonda di Via Besana, a historical milanese location to present their Fall-Winter 2017 collection. The interior of Rotonda has been redesigned into a very modern space that also confirms the brand’s ability to deliver a traditional product reinterpreted in a contemporary way. It was an interactive presentation, something between the fashion show and presentation, with models walking around the venue.

Both formal and relaxed items have been presented. Chalk stripes, bouclé, Prince of Wales, velvet and damier effects were just some of the patterns used in this collection. When it comes to the colors, they have been sorted by four key themes – grays, black and white sparked up by golden mustard; dark green with touches of deep burnt orange; light and dark blues punctured by purple and alabaster white; contrasts of wine red against slate gray and black.

The sportswear is also present in Pal Zileri collections – parkas, field jackets, blouson jackets are reimagined to keep the sartorial heritage of the brand and contemporary trends in order to make an elegant piece suitable for any occasion.

I also loved the way the collection has been styled. Roll neck sweaters under the shirt are definitely trendy and something I would totally wear. Another item I liked is a cropped coat which is perfect both for elegant and more casual occasions. Velvet is definitely one of the trends that keeps going over the seasons and I also appreciated how it matches with other pieces of their Fall-Winter 2017 collection.

Find here some of my favorite looks from Pal Zileri Fall-Winter 2017 collection:

 photo pal zileri fw 17 1_zpsm4f4t3tb.jpg

 photo pal zileri fw 17 2_zpsvx3sztzu.jpg

 photo pal zileri fw 17 3_zpsqnz3pvbj.jpg

 photo pal zileri fw 17 4_zpsjcztapgf.jpg

 photo pal zileri fw 17 5_zpsaxdzdzfn.jpg