I speak Italian, ma parlo anche Moschino

I speak Italian, ma parlo anche Moschino

Is it necessary to mention that I love Moschino? Moschino today, directed by Jeremy Scott is definitely one of my favorite fashion brands. I love the way they are connecting popular culture to fashion, such as McDonald’s, Barbie, Looney Tunes etc. That’s why I think Jeremy Scott is the Andy Warhol of contemporary fashion.

As you could notice on my Instagram, I love white T-shirts. I wear them all year long, and I like when there are some cool quotes or phrases on them, such as this one or the Diesel when that I will show you in one of my future posts.

iPhone cover is one of my favorite accessories and I¬†love keeping it fashionable as well. The Moschino one that you can see in this post is available only for iPhone 5/5s. I will soon change my iPhone 5s for a 6s and I won’t be able to use this cover¬†anymore.

I am also wearing these cool green camo Excape sunglasses. Check their website to see more.

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